The Attractive Pikachu - Pokemon

In today's lesson, we learn that my camera is actually rather terrible. The silly thing doesn't have a manual focus adjustment, so images are at the mercy of its little optical sensor dealie. Also, it has a beautiful 320x240 video resolution when recording. Clearly the pinnacle of technological advancement. On the bright side, the extra blur factor nicely hides that inexplicable scratch on the screen... Anyhoo, this is an online Single/Free Battle matched up via the Battle Spot. 95% of everyone I've fought had some obnoxious combination of A) legendaries, B) Mega Evolvers and C) Aegislash, and I began to lament how you never see Pikachu in online battles. So I made a Pikachu to use in online battles. Imagine my surprise when I met Jaxon+, whose team was not only devoid of legendaries or Aegislash, but who actually brought a Raichu along for the ride! As a show of goodwill, I didn't use my pseudo-legendaries, since I only keep those around to counter the legendaries that other people tend to use... It was a fun experiment, thinking up what kind of Pikachu would best suit my playstyle online. I went for something out of the ordinary. Since Pikachu has below-average stats in general, I decided to focus on tricks rather than raw power. I figured a combination of paralysis, confusion and infatuation oughtta lock down the enemy in most situations, so I went to making just the right Pikachu for the job. See, all of the starter Pokémon have a 7:1 male:female gender ratio, as does Eevee, meaning statistically, I'm more likely to encounter male opponents. Ergo, a female Pikachu that knows Attract. Then there's the other thing. Pikachu is known for its Electric-type attacks. So if you want to protect yourself from Pikachu, you should pick a type that resists Electric, right? The four types that protect against Electric are as follows: Ground, Grass, Dragon and Electric itself. The first three of those happen to be specifically weak to Ice, and Electric doesn't resist Ice. So I bred not only a female Pikachu, but one that had an Ice-type Hidden Power. Seeing as how it's a Pikachu, I gave it a Light Ball, which doubles Pikachu's offensive power (and only Pikachu's). As Hidden Power has a base power of 60, this effectively makes it 120, the same strength as Blizzard, on top of Pikachu's already-above-average Special Attack. The final hurdle was speed. If Pikachu gets splattered to bits before it gets to do anything, then that's not all that effective a strategy. So with a little help from Super Training, I cranked up Pikachu's speed as far as it would go. And in the event I needed to be a little faster yet (Pikachu isn't anywhere close to the fastest Pokémon), I trained up a Crobat to help out (which is nearly the fastest Pokémon). This battle in particular was actually a field test of the Crobat build, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

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